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Parasite Eve preview

Vertical has posted a preview of their novel Parasite Eve on their site. Check it out! Advertisements

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Mobile Suit Gundam reprint

Stone Bridge Press tweeted earlier a plea for fans to not pirate Mobile Suit Gundam because a new edition will be out early next year. I thought this was the manga version, but according to their site, the only Mobile … Continue reading

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New novel from Vertical

Vertical released a new novel, Akira Arai’s A Caring Man today. From TRSI:”When a baby box opens in Southern Japan, an infant boy is deposited with lacerations from head to toe. Hanging on to life by a hair’s breadth, the … Continue reading

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New Haikasoru titles

Found a listing for another Miyuki Miyabe novel from Viz for release on July 19th. It’s titled ICO: Castle of the Mist. Here’s a summary from Viz: “When a boy named Ico grows long curved horns overnight, his fate has … Continue reading

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New post from Haikasoru

Check out this new article from Haikasoru translator Nate Collins about his meeting with author Otsuichi. It’s a fun, easy, and interesting read! :]

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Haikasoru Give-Away

Haikasoru posted on twitter earlier today that they’ll be holding a give-away contest on their blog next Monday (November 1st). Can’t wait to see what it is~

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A Few Haikasoru Tidbits

1) Haikasoru finally has a twitter account (here). 2) Mardock Scramble is going to be all three of the original Japanese books in one (it’s over 500 pages~ [Amazon and Simon and Schuster both say 680!!]). Side note that the … Continue reading

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