Release Schedule

If I am missing anything that you know of PLEASE let me know and I’ll update the list ASAP.

July 2010
6th – Dragon Ball chapter book volume 9 by: Akira Toriyama & Gerard Jones
6th – Naruto chapter book volume 14 by: Masashi Kishimoto & Tracey West
20th – Harmony by: Project Itoh
27th – Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime by: Mizuki Nomura

August 2010
17th – Vampire Hunter D volume 15: Dark Road Part Three by: Hideyuki Kikuchi
18th – I Want to Bite (YAOI) by: Isaya Takamori

September 2010
7th – Dragon Ball chapter book volume 10 by: Akira Toriyama & Gerard Jones
7th – Naruto chapter book volume 15 by: Masashi Kishimoto & Tracey West
21st – Rocket Girls by: Housuke Nojiri
21st – Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse by: Otsuichi
28th – My Girlfriend’s A Geek volume 1 by: Pentabu
28th – Kieli volume 3: Prisoners Bound for Another Planet by: Yukako Kabei

October 2010
12th – Chibi Vampire: The Novel volume 7 by: Tohru Kai
12th – Eureka Seven volume 3 by: Tomonori Sugihara
12th – Eureka Seven volume 4 by: Tomonori Sugihara

12th – Gundam 00 volume 3 by: Noboru Kimura
20th – Love Water (YAOI) by: Venio Tachibana
26th – Pro Bono by: Seicho Matsumoto

November 2010
2th – .hack//G.U. novel volume 3 by: Tatsuya Hamazaki
2nd – Naruto chapter book volume 16 by: Masashi Kishimoto & Tracey West
2nd – The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya by: Nagaru Tanigawa
9th – Wicked City: The Scarlet Clan (volume 3) by: Hideyuki Kikuchi
16th – The Ouroboros Wave by: Jyouji Hayashi
16th – Dragon Sword and Wind Child (paperback) by: Noriko Ogiwara
17th- Yashakiden: The Demon Princess volume 3+4 omnibus by: Hideyuki Kikuchi
30th – .hack//CELL volume 2 by: Ryo Suzukaze

December 2010
7th – Spice and Wolf volume 3 by: Isuna Hasekura

January 2011
4th – Book Girl and the Famished Spirit (volume 2) by: Mizuki Nomura
18th – Mardock Scramble by: Tow Ubukuta
18th – A Guru is Born by: Takeshi Kitano

February 2011
8th – Full Metal Panic!: Ending Day by Day (volumes 4+5 omnibus) by: Shouji Gatou

March 2011
11th  – Chibi Vampire: The Novel volume 8 by: Tohru Kai
15th – Rocket Girls: The Last Planet by: Housuke Nojiri
29th – My Girlfriend’s A Geek volume 2 by: Pentabu

April 2011
11th – Vampire Hunter D: Tyrant’s Stars 1+2 by: Hideyuki Kikuchi
26th – Kieli volume 4 by: Yukako Kabei

May 2011
17th – Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince by: Noriko Ogiwara

17th – Good Luck, Yukikaze by: Chohei Kambayashi

June 2011
7th – Strawberry Panic: The Complete Novel Collection by: Sakurako Kimino
7th – The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya by: Nagaru Tanigawa
28th – Spice and Wolf volume 4 by: Isuna Hasekura

July 2011
19th – Demon City Shinjuku: The Complete Edition by: Hideyuki Kikuchi

August 2011
16th – Book Girl and the Captive Fool (volume 3) by: Mizuki Nomura

September 2011
20th – Kieli volume 5 by: Yukako Kabei

October 2011
25th – Fallout by: Tetsuo Takashima

November 2011
7th – The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya by: Nagaru Tanigawa

December 2011
13th – Spice and Wolf volume 5 by: Isuna Hasekura

January 2012
24th – Book Girl and the Corrupted Angel (volume 4) by: Mizuki Nomura

April 2012
TBA – Kieli volume 6 by: Yukako Kabei

June 2012
TBA – Spice and Wolf volume 6 by: Isuna Hasekura

July 2012
TBA – Book Girl volume 5 by: Mizuki Nomura

September 2012
TBA – Kieli volume 7 by: Yukako Kabei

January 2013
TBA – Book Girl volume 6 by: Mizuki Nomura

April 2013
TBA – Kieli volume 8 by: Yukako Kabei

July 2013
TBA – Book Girl volume 7 by: Mizuki Nomura

September 2013
TBA – Kieli volume 9 by: Yukako Kabei

January 2014
TBA – Book Girl volume 8 by: Mizuki Nomura

Gone? series that have unknown statuses and no stated release dates
Blood+ Russian Rose Volumes 1-2 by Karino Minazuki (supposedly from Dark Horse)

by: Mizuki Nomura

2 Responses to Release Schedule

  1. kate says:

    so glad I found this website. I couldn’t find any information about when 12 Kingdoms vol. 5 was coming out anywhere (even on Tokyopop site!). Much simpler to navigate. I’ll definately stick with looking here instead of trying to navigate the mess Tokyopop, Viz, and Del Ray call “new design”. blech!

    • kelakagandy says:

      Well, actually I need to update it because Tokyopop noted that because The Twelve Kingdoms is a Kodansha title, they no longer have the rights to it, so they won’t be publishing future volumes. :[

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