No More Twelve Kingdoms

Sadly, The Twelve Kingdoms is a Kodansha title, which I didn’t realize, and Tokyopop has said definitively on facebook that they no longer have the rights to the series. :[ It’s now completely up to Kodansha USA to finish the series, but we’ll see if that happens; they’ve yet to mention any other light novel series.

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5 Responses to No More Twelve Kingdoms

  1. Sad days D:
    I’m hoping Kodansha is interested in releasing other light novel series (seeing as how they have the stuff Del Rey was releasing too…)

  2. D says:

    I wonder what the chances are of finding these online and translated? and do we even know how many 12 kingdoms novels there are in total?

    • kelakagandy says:

      I’ve heard some of them are translated online, but I’m not sure where. And the number of volumes is a little difficult. Some of the Japanese volumes were combined into one book later (which is what the US got), so we would have gotten 7 volumes total, though really there were 11 original volumes. (see Wikipedia for more info/to make it clearer, they have a really nice chart on the Twelve Kingdoms page that makes it much clearer than the way I described it, haha.)

  3. D says:

    Ahh, thanks. I guess I’ll just have to suffer with the couple of books I DO have 😦

  4. Anastasia says:

    Ugh, I hope someone gets 12K and re-releases the books! Some of the Tokyopop ones are out of print now and are going for $60+ used. I really wanna read the series, but not for THAT much money. Sheesh.

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