Haikasoru Posts Hints on New Novels

The other day Haikasoru posted two YouTube videos as hints to two new titles to be released in 2011. The first is here, and the second here. People are guessing the titles in the comments section, with two people guessing Legend of the Galactic Heroes by Yoshiki Tanaka for the first video (which I actually think is a bit unrealistic as it’s 10 volumes in the original Japanese) and one guessing Ten Billion Days and A Hundred Billion Nights by Ryu Mitsuse. Based on the first video, I think Ten Billion Days and A Hundred Billion Nights is a really good guess, but Haikasoru isn’t confirming or denying any guesses yet. The second video seems to have everyone stumped, with one person guessing Kara no Kyokai by Kinoko Nasu, which also seems unlikely as Del Rey had licensed it at one point and likely never actually let the license go and only recently folded, so I doubt Haikasoru/Viz would have had time to pick it up; it is only three volumes though, so it is much more likely, and the anime movies should make it easier to sell (even if they aren’t licensed for North America yet well, they sort of are now).

I have no clue, though I do think one of the commenters on the Haikasoru blog hit the nail on the head with Ten Billion Days and A Hundred Billion Nights. We’ll have to wait until Haikasoru confirms or denies though. :[ Any thoughts/ideas?

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3 Responses to Haikasoru Posts Hints on New Novels

  1. I know squat about science fiction novels in Japan so I’m just as lost
    Whatever they are, I’ll be buying them though ^^

    • kelakagandy says:

      haha, exactly! I love to read what comes out, but I have no idea about what’s out there in Japan. ^^’ I’ll definitely be buying them too~ Though I’m like months behind on their titles right now… :[

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