Scrapped Princess Back on Tokyopop’s Schedule?

I received an email from a reader (ao2l78) today about Scrapped Princess volume 5 being available for pre-order from!! (With a date of this December!!) I did a little digging and it looks like volume 4 was never released (correct me if I’m wrong, since I only have volume 1 of this series), but has it up for pre-order as well, with a date of the 30th of this month. Neither of these are on Tokyopop’s website, but has cover images for both of the volumes, which makes me think they’re at least going to come out, even if not when says. I’ll bookmark both pages and see how things turn out with the dates and pre-order details!

Volume 4 and volume 5 pages on if anyone’s interested in pre-ordering. :]

Thanks again to ao2178 for the info!!! 😀

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3 Responses to Scrapped Princess Back on Tokyopop’s Schedule?

  1. I remember a while back seeing that cover of being advertised in Shojo Beat (I forgot the company doing the advertising but it had several manga all over the page. And if you squinted, in the back, you’ll notice that Scrapped Princess cover). I was super happy because I was like, HURRAH! #4 is coming out!
    Years later here we are today ^^;
    I will be a happy girl if #4 is released (I like the novels better than the anime. Esp because they made one of the characters in the novel a bishi and not some fugly bald guy like in the anime :I Because I totally ship him and another character (in the novel, not in the anime x3))

    I wonder why the cover on Amazon is different than Buy’s? Maybe because Amazon’s is an older picture?

    Thanks for the info!

    • kelakagandy says:

      pahaha, I totally didn’t even notice that the cover was different! xD That does make me happy though, since it means that something’s been going on behind the scenes on Scrapped Princess~ 😀

      I never understand why characters change from novel->anime…it’s just weird. It doesn’t happen as much with manga, since there’s a definite design, but for whatever reason, novel characters seem to get changed all the time. :[

      • That’s what I was thinking :3
        If there was a cover & it was advertised, that means there were plans to put that novel out.
        Tokyopop, don’t dash my dreams :<

        I wouldn't mind the change so much if he wasn't turned ugly and old 😦 My shipping dreams were crushed when I saw him.
        I was like, WTF!? You were HAWT in the novel! Like, older gentlemen kind of hawt! Not Chester the Molester looking!
        (I wonder why they like changing characters in novels? ?_?)

        I just noticed Borders has this up too:

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