A Few Haikasoru Tidbits

1) Haikasoru finally has a twitter account (here).

2) Mardock Scramble is going to be all three of the original Japanese books in one (it’s over 500 pages~ [Amazon and Simon and Schuster both say 680!!]).
Side note that the first anime movie adaptation is going to premiere this weekend at NYAF/NYCC, and the author Tow Ubukata will be there!

3) Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince is indeed a sequel to Dragon Sword and Wind Child, the reprint of which is under the Haikasoru line (and has a nicer cover than the non-Haikasoru version that I have).

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3 Responses to A Few Haikasoru Tidbits

  1. 1.) Yay for stalking :3 Love it when companies have a Twitter account!
    2.) Whoa snap that’s huge! And here I thought nothing could top Battle Royale in size! But hey, at least I won’t have to wait for the next volume in suspense (or freak if it’ll ever come out). Yay for Haikasoru ~
    3.) So happy that Haikasoru exisits. It’s been like X years since I read Dragon Sword and Wind Child. Going to re-read it one of these days so my memory is fresh for the sequel!

    Thanks again for the tid-bits 😀

    • kelakagandy says:

      1) haha, me too. :3
      2) I know, I totally didn’t expect it to be that big! But I’m excited that it’s all three volumes in one, I was really kinda worried about only getting one part of the story.
      3) I got it for Christmas a few years ago, when Viz republished it in hardback, and it’s amazing! I’m soooo excited for the sequel, though I’m sad that it probably won’t look too much like the first volume that I have, haha.

  2. emofalltrades says:

    Hurrah! This is so random that I found your blog and heard the good news about a Dragon Sword and Wind Child *prequel*. I loooove that book! Thanks for the news!

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