More Vertical Titles

Didn’t catch this before, but Vertical has the novel Pro Bono by: Seicho Matsumoto. It will be released at the end of next month. According to safetygirl0 Vertical calls it, “a very significant book” as it has 8 movie adaptations in Japan. Summary from Amazon: “When Kiriko Yanagida first came to Otsuka’s law offices, she had only a familial conviction of her brother’s innocence despite his confessing to the murder. To the high-profile (and high priced) lawyer Otsuka, this small-town girl’s belief was nothing more than naive hope, so he sent her away, advising her to find a local lawyer or something. Now, Kiriko plots to avenge her brother — entirely pro bono.”

A Guru is Born will come out next January. It is by Takeshi Kitano. Summary from Amazon: “Having lost his job and his girlfriend, Kazuo becomes a member of a religious sect, after seeing the Guru heal an old woman in a wheelchair. He soon discovers the secrets of success in the sect are much the same as the business world, the power of suggestion playing a larger role than faith.
When the Guru unexpectedly dies, Kazuo is nominated to continue the sect as the new Guru.”

A new novel will be announced at NYAF.

Fallout by: Tetsuo Takashima out next May. From Amazon: “A first-class letter–containing a single sheet of paper, on which is a diagram for making a nuclear bomb–is anonymously sent to an editor at the Daily Californian.
A political writer at the Washington Post has a message for a “Mr. Curly” awaiting him when he gets to work. Twelve hours later, presidential advisor Frank Curly is found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in a Washington D.C. park. In his hotel room is a dead 15-year-old girl, spread eagle on the bed and naked, arms and legs tied to the bedposts.
Two men investigating seemingly disparate mysteries on opposite coasts unknowingly share a common bond: the clues to a conspiracy that could reshape the structure of a nation and create a terrifying new world.
Fallout’s themes of political intrigue and conspiracy reflect today’s political climate, a prescient observation given the successful Republican platform that empowered the Bush administration for much of its presidency.”

And as an aside, I added all the Vertical novels to the list of translated novel a while back.

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2 Responses to More Vertical Titles

  1. Whoa, Vertical titles sound more hardcore than the usual cute fluffy stuff I read (ignoring Haikasoru’s stuff). I’m interested in their Summer of the Ubume title though. Once I get that one, I’ll see if there are other releases to interest me :3

    • kelakagandy says:

      I think a lot of them are more horror/hard-sci fi than most of the other stuff. I really need to get some of them. I almost bought Summer of the Ubume at SDCC, but I got Peepo Choo instead (and totally don’t regret it, haha).

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