Info from Vertical (or oh the things you learn on twitter)

Vertical asked for suggestions from followers/readers today for their upcoming licensing window, and many of the titles wound up being light novel titles. Looking at all the responses that editor Ed Chavez gave back were really interesting and so I figured I’d share:

General suggestions that seem to have some (however minor) chance:

Shiki by Fuyumi Ono
Bakemonogatari by NISIOISIN
Durarara! by Ryohgo Narita
Baccano! by Ryohgo Narita
Vamps! by Ryohgo Narita
Ashura Girl by Otaro Maijo
Kemono no Souja (aka Kemono no Souja Erin) by Nahoko Uehashi
Shangri-La by Eiichi Ikegami

Shiki is “going high on the list. i’ll ask my boss about that since he is close with shinchosha. no guarantees but we will ask” (note: Shiki has a currently on-going anime adaptation [simulcast by FUNimation for those who are curious], it’s a vampire story, but vamps the way they’re supposed to be – creepy as hell)

Durarara! and Baccano! are considered too long to publish all of, so if Vertical did publish any of either series, they would likely only publish one, possibly, two volumes. They would have to be hits: “hits would mean selling as well or better than Haruhi or Spice & Wolf. & like Yen we would change the covers. standard policy”

-“we have inquired about Nishioishin but Del Rey has been working with him. they just released a new volume of the Zaregoto series”

-Both Kemono no Souja and Shangri-La have anime adaptations and seemed to most interest Chavez.

-On the topic of continuing Guin Saga: “right now the chances are not high. i wouldn’t say zero but no more than 15%”

-Reasons for the slow Zaregoto release: “but part of the problem there was editing. they hired a new japanese prose editor last fall.”

Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) would be considered if Del Rey lets the license up (Del Rey said they had it in a FAUST anthology, but have never released it), and they’ve also considered DDD: Decoration Disorder Disconnect, also by Kinoko Nasu.

-Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria is “instantly off the list” because it’s being fan-translated.

Toradora was completely rejected.

Toaru Majutsu no Index/Toaru Kagaku no Railgun novels are “not likely.”

Summer of the Ubume is doing well and will likely go to reprint at the end of the year, however:
“the problem with the Kyogokudo novels is really overhead costs. since each book is around 1200 pgs in Japanese…”
“the translation costs are very high (think 5 figures). So we really have to sell a lot to break even. we haven’t with Ubume yet”
“more kyogoku is a possibility but just not the Kyogokudo series right now.”

-“Would you consider Junk Force? DrMaster stopped for some reason after 3 novels leaving the last two untranslated.”
“no, sorry i would not consider it. while the manga did well, the three novels sold 100 copies combined!!”

Legend of the Legendary Heroes (which has a currently airing anime adaptation) is a definite no: “Legendary Heroes LN. we are quite familiar and love those books but no.”

-“”very interesting. it’s strange cause light novels just havent done that well. how come fans arent supporting 7Seas, Yen, TP, Viz
a few books like Vampire Hunter D, Haruhi 1, and Yukikaze did well but the rest are just hanging on for the most part.”

-“not a complaint just curious. good to know there are fans.
i might want to set up a program specifically for you LN fans
something where if you sign a petition/contract with us we would look into the license if we get enough signatures.”

-“the problem with the light novel requests is that we only have one editor for fiction -yani- so he can only do one novel a season
we already have a backlist of novels to release so adding light novel series to that list does not work well.
but one volume of Shangri-La puts it higher up on priority”

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2 Responses to Info from Vertical (or oh the things you learn on twitter)

  1. The power of Twitter
    Such an amazing little thing

    Liking that Shiki has a possible move to come over state side
    (sad that Toradora got complete rejection ;_;)

    Though I’m happy Zaregoto had a reason for the second volume taking so long to be released, I’m afraid with Del Rey’s current state, we might not get anymore 😦

    Surprise to Yukikaze is selling well
    It wasn’t a fave read of mine but plane porn sells I guess (or maybe it’s because of the anime?)

    Thanks for the info girl ;3

    • kelakagandy says:

      haha, it really is a magical tool. :3

      I’m really hoping Shiki gets licensed. It’s by the same author as The Twelve Kingdoms and that series is fantastic! 😀

      Yeah, it’s really nice to see that there might have actually been a reason for the long wait. I hope Del Rey isn’t going down, but I bought Zaregoto 2 the other day just in case it goes OOP here soon. :[

      I’m guessing Yukikaze is selling well because of the anime. A lot of people seemed excited about the announcement on ANN b/c of it.

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