No News from Comic-Con

Sad day, but no new light novel news from Comic-Con. Tokyopop touched on the fact that they’re resuming the Full Metal Panic! series and mentioned .hack//G.U. novel volume 3 (11/9/10) and .hack//CELL novel volume 2 (12/7/10), but these aren’t new and that was all they mentioned. Yen Press noted that at this time they have no new light novel licensed, but current series will continue at the same pace. I wasn’t able to get into the Yoshitaka Amano panel, but if you’re curious, check out the ANN write-up here.

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3 Responses to No News from Comic-Con

  1. Aw, sadness to the fact there were no new light novels announced.
    Now that I think about it, the new acquisition announcements at Comic-Con were actually very few in number. I think the major ones that stick in my mind are from Yen Press and Tokyopop (lol to the title “Mr. Clean”).
    Happy to hear .hack//CELL #2 is getting released. Just recently finished #1.
    Same for Full Metal Panic!
    I’m hoping Tokyopop is also going to have a release date for Gosick. I’m really liking this series (all two volumes that I’ve read xD).
    Good to hear Yen Press is still releasing its current titles despite no new ones being announced. Looking forward to Book Girl and My Girlfriend is a Geek 8D

    Thanks for the update! Hope you had fun at Comic-Con!

    • Oh man, I just read the “release schedule” and saw the release date for Gosick #3 xD
      Girl you are on top of it!

    • kelakagandy says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t really expecting much, but it’s still sad that nothing was announced (I was hoping that Yen would pick up Durarara!! or Baccano!). There really were almost no announcements made, which was depressing. The few Tokyopop titles that I heard announced looked cute, but nothing out of the ordinary (though I am looking forward to Pavane for a Dead Girl by Koge Donbo*).

      I can’t wait to get both Book Girl and My Girlfriend is a Geek. I think I’m going to order Book Girl once I get back from vacation next week. :3

      I had tons of fun at Comic-Con~ 😀

      and lol, there’s a chance the release date for Gosick will change, but that’s what most retailers have it as. :]

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