Hobby Japan branches out into Light Novels

Hobby Japan announced at Anime Expo that they will be releasing Akira Suzuki’s Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls light novels:

To begin, these volumes will be released digitally via Apple’s iBook store, the Amazon Kindle store, and the company’s own website (to be launched soon). At first, these digital releases will be free in order to promote the titles. At an unspecified later date, the volumes will go into print and be bundled with figurines. These bundles will be available at specialty stores via Diamond Distributors, Amazon, bookstore chains, and the upcoming official website.

ANN article

There are no set release dates yet, but this still looks pretty exciting to me! I really hope they do well and are able to pick up a few more licenses this way.

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2 Responses to Hobby Japan branches out into Light Novels

  1. Yeah ❤
    Have no idea what this light novel is about but hey! It's a light novel!
    May Hobby Japan be successful ~ (so we can get more 8D)

    • kelakagandy says:

      haha, exactly my stance! I have no idea what the novels are about (though I do know they’re getting an anime this fall season, so we might be able to find out more then), but more novels are definitely a good thing! 😀

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