New DMP Licenses

DMP announced licenses for two new Hideyuki Kikuchi (of Vampire Hunter D fame) novels today at AX: Demon City Shinjuku and its sequel Kiba Ichizoku no Garyuudo. It doesn’t look like there are any release dates, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out and post them when they are available!

via ANN

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2 Responses to New DMP Licenses

  1. I’m still a little scarred over Wicked City but I’ll keep an eye out for this title :3

    • kelakagandy says:

      Apparently a few of his other series take place in Demon City Shinjuku (according to his recent interview at least), and I think one of them is licensed by Seven Seas and they’re actually still publishing them, so I might try and get into them (though Kikuchi is mostly horror, and that’s not usually my cup of tea…).

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