Pages Added

No new light novel news lately, but I have added pages for All You Need is Kill, Battle Royale, Be With You, The Book of Heroes, Botchan, Brave Story, and Dragon Sword and Wind Child here. Check them out to see what the books are all about~

Out of the seven, I highly recommend Battle Royale and Dragon Sword and Wind Child.

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2 Responses to Pages Added

  1. I haven’t read Battle Royale yet (I keep putting it off xD) nor Botchan, but of the others on the list, I’d recommend Brave Story myself :3

    • kelakagandy says:

      Battle Royale is AWESOME! ;D It’s one of the few books I’ve gotten random coworkers to read (seriously, the cover got their attention and then they were like “…can I borrow that?” and loved it. :] I actually haven’t read Botchan, but it looks interesting enough. I still haven’t gotten past the first chapter of Brave Story (which is especially sad considering how short the chapters are, haha), but I’m reading like 4 books at one time and it’s just not getting me anywhere. xD

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