Hey Guys!

I had been thinking about creating a new blog just for English light novels for a while and after I saw sylphalchemist tweet about wanting a place to find out what light novels were coming out and when, I knew now was the time to create it. :]
I’m already working on the list of light novels at the moment. I’m hoping to get a list of all the English-translated light novels and Japanese lit (not all of it, things like Viz’s Haikasoru line) up in the near future as well. Eventually I’ll get some reviews up too, and I’m totally open to getting other people’s reviews up too!!
Any time there’s some light novel news, I’ll make sure to post. :]

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One Response to Hey Guys!

  1. OMG you made a light novel site
    YES 8D
    Kelakagandy, you totally rock
    I will totally be lurking whenever I can on this site haha xD
    (if you ever need help with anything, please ask. Anything to help spread of the word about Light Novels ^_^)
    Thanks again!

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